The House System

Rev Br Luke Gregory, introduced a house system, with four houses: Edward, Augustine, Luke and Hermenegild, each named after a De La Salle brother. This system is used for events such as inter-house sports and athletics.

Edward House

Named after the Founder of the school Junianus Edward, guardian and the presiding genius of the De La Salle School from 1 February 1905 to 15 July 1925. German Junianus Edward was appointed Director of De La Salle Brothers’ Mother House in Mutwal, Colombo on 8 July 1904 and was appointed the first Provincial Visitor of the De La Salle Brothers newly erected District of Colombo on 1 September 1919.

House Colour : Green  

Augustine House

The first college hall was built by Augustine Joseph FSC during his tenure as director of the college between 1919 and 1923.

House Colour : Blue  

Luke House

Named after Luke Gregory.

House Colour : Red  

Hermenegild House

Named after Hermenegild Joseph.

House Colour : Yellow