College Crest

The Crest of College
The Crest of College

That in plain English means that the shield is divided into two sections by a horizontal line one third of the way down. On the main section of the Shield, which is divided by wavy lines, is a five pointed star or mullet. On the chief or top bit, which is red in colour (or gules), are to be found three chevrons or inverted, “V’s.” This is a layman’s way of expressing what the heraldry student has put in unintelligible terms in the first sentence.

In heraldry everything has a specific reason for its inclusion in the Coat of Arms, the blue and red (or azure and gules) are the colors of St. La Salle after whom the School is named. Red too, stands for valour, and blue for endurance or perseverance. The Silver Star, of course, represents the Brothers, and will be found in every one of the badges in Brothers’ schools. It is on a background of light and dark blue wavy bands and so this Brothers’ school is on the seaside. The chevrons are also taken from the arms of St. La Salle. The motto comes from the same source and means, “We stand undivided.”

There then in a pictorial nutshell is every thing. A Brothers’ School on the sea-shore which is called De La Salle College, in which the boys are brave and tenacious and who always offer “a united front” and give one another mutual support. Grand, isn’t it ?