Academic Progress

Academic achievements by our students in Public Exams such as Grade 5 Scholarship, G.C.E. O/L and G.C.E. A/L is improving much faster. The efforts taken to improve further will certainly bear fruit in the coming years. 

Our Efforts and Projects

  • Free English Classes for Grade 1 – 4 on Saturdays to facilitate an interesting process of learning this International Language.
  • Night Study facility for students sitting for Public Exams namely, G.C.E. O/L & A/L.
  • Spelling Bee, Essay and General Knowledge Competitions at School Level.
  • Activate our Information Technology Unit and introduce IT to all students as a motivating means for a healthy and interesting Teaching Learning Process. 
  • Support Classes to improve results in Grade 5 Scholarship Exam and Grade 11  G.C.E. O/L Exam.
  • Activate Our School Library to make it a Learning Resource Centre.

Grade – 5 Scholarship, G.C.E. O/L, G.C.E. A/L

Proposed Programme of Academic Advancement

Aesthetic Education 

This comprises Art, Music and Dancing. Students from Grade 7 are guided to choose one of these subjects according to their interest and talents. The Teachers-in-Charge of these Units are exceptionally talented and deeply committed. This is proved by their active participation during this Programme. They deserve our hearty congratulations.