Clubs and Society

At De La Salle College Colombo, our clubs and societies represent our deep dedication to providing a well-rounded education, fostering intellectual development, and nurturing individuals in various aspects. With a wide range of clubs and societies available, we aim to cultivate holistic growth and a diverse learning experience.

Apart from the aesthetic education these student organizations promote intellectual development and well-rounded growth beyond the classroom. With over 10 active clubs, students can explore diverse interests, gain valuable skills, and contribute to the school community. De La Salle College takes pride in the positive impact these clubs have on students and the broader community.

Media Unit
The media unit connects the community. It does journalism with integrity and academic excellence.
ICT Unit
The ICT unit enables communication and technology. Tech-savvy staff maintain professional standards.
Scouting builds character, outdoor leadership, and follows strict principles. Scouts prepare and develop themselves.
Enviromental Society
The Environmental Society promotes eco-consciousness and sustainable practices within our community.
Commerce Union
Commerce Union: Fostering critical thinking and entrepreneurship in commerce and economics, shaping future business leaders.
Science Union
Science Union: Fostering critical thinking and scientific passion through rigorous inquiry and academic excellence.
Cadeting epitomizes disciplined excellence, fostering values of accountability and leadership for greater achievement.
Senior Western Band
Senior Western Band: Exemplifying musical precision and creativity with unwavering dedication.
Junior Band
Junior Band: Cultivating musical skill and teamwork in young musicians, fostering a passion for excellence in performance.