Identity of a Lasallian

De La Sale Collge Flag
The College Flag

The Motto

“Indivisa Manent” meant in English is “Undivided Remain” signifies INSEPEPARABLE BROTHERHOOD, a motto of the La Salle family which the Brothers came to cherish.

The old crest

The Cross

The cross is the Christian symbol of HOPE and new life. We believe that beyond death there is life;  in despair there is hope.

The Castle

The castle symbolizes NOBILITY. It signifies the high character and qualities splendidly.

The Chevrons

These form part of the coat of arms of the De La Salle family of Rheims, France. There are three bent bars of inverted “V” shapes. They indicate that we should have ZEAL in carrying out our tasks and the courage never to give up.

The Star

This five-pointed, radiant star is the worldwide logo of the De La Salle Brothers. It reminds them of the spirit of their institute, the spirit of FAITH. The spirit of faith will lead us to Christ just as the star of Bethlehem led the Wise Men of the East to Christ. The star led the shepherds to Christ on the first Christmas night. The light from stars keeps navigators of ships and aircraft on course. It can be our response to the Gospel directive “Let your light shine before all that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven”. 

The Laurels

Jesus said “I am come that you may have life and have it to the full”. Laurels are the sign of VICTORY showing that it is possible:

  • to enjoy the process of living by Gospel values
  • to pursue excellence in whatever we do
  • to be of assistance to others
  • to success and distinction win reputation

The Wave

This wavy background behind the star stands for the De La Salle College is situated near the Indian Ocean. It signifies the Lasallians are WEALTHY.