Brief History of The College

1854College Founded In Kandy.
1875The Administration Entrusted To O.S.B. Priests. Rev. Fr. Hilderbrad Vanderstaatan – Principal.
1876Boarding Life Introduced.
1880Secular Teachers Took Over.
1892Back In The Hands Of The O.S.B. Priests. Rev. Fr. Hilarian Leitan – Principal.
1898Rev. Fr. Maurus Craner – Principal.
1903Cricket Introduced.
1907Rev. Fr. Philip Casperz – Principal.
1911O.B.A. Formed.
1913Cadeting Introduced.
1914First Trinity – Antonian Cricket Match.
1915Rev. Fr. Basil Hyde – Principal.
1916Scouting Introduced. Rev. Fr. James Casperz – Principal.
1918Jack Anderson Record In Cricket.
1921Rev. Fr. Laurence Hyde – Principal.
1928College Shifted To Katugastota.
1930House System Introduced.
1934Two Storied Block In The Upper School Completed First Boarding House At Katugastota.
1935Playground Commissioned.
1938Bede Gold Medal Introduced.
1940Rev. Fr. Robert Perera Appointed Principal.
1941Kandy Branch Renamed.
1942College Taken Over By The Army.
1944Rev. Fr. Angelo Rosati – Principal.
1946Reoccupation Of The College.
1951Joined The Free Education System.
1954Centenary Celebrations.
1956Rugger Introduced. First School Boy Cricketer – Wijepala Premaratna.
1957Centenary Hall Commissioned. Rev. Fr. Hilarion Rudolph – Principal.
1959School Boy Cricketer – Charlie Joseph.
1960Take Over Of Schools – Opted To Go Private School Boy Cricketer – Charlie Joseph.
1961Rev. Fr. Ildaphonsus Robinson – Principal.
1962Cadeting Withdrawn. School Boy Cricketer – Franklyn Burk.
1966First Colors Award Ceremony.
1967Tamil Cultural Society Formed.
1968Rev. Fr. Aidan Silva – Principal.
1970Turf Pitch Commissioned.
1972College Council Inaugurated.
1973Buddhist Brotherhood Association Introduced.
1974First Maths Lab Commissioned.
1976School Boy Cricketer – Bernard Perera.
1977Rev. Fr. D.L. Amarasinghe – Principal.
1978College In The Hands Of The Government.
1979125th Jubilee Celebrations. Rev. Fr. Stephen Abraham – Principal.
198050 Over Cricket Match Inaugurated.
1981National Youth Award Scheme Introduced.
1982Opening Of The Premadasa Block. Cadeting Re-Introduced.
1986Laying Of The Foundation Of Leo Nanayakkara Sports Complex.
1987Re-Introduction Of The College Diary. A/L Students Valedictory Function Introduced. Festival Of English ‘One Act Plays’ Introduced.
1988Public Address System Introduced.
1989Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee Of Rev. Fr. Stephen’s 25 Houses At ”Anthoni Gama” Gifted To The Minor Employees. St. John’s Ambulance Brigade Introduced.
1990Interact Club Introduced.
1991School Boy Cricketer – M. Muralitharan. 75th Jubilee Celebrations – Scouting First Super Eagles Awarded.
1992Commissioning Of The Gymnasium. School Boy Cricketer – Sajith Fernando. Silver Jubilee – Tamil Cultural Society. Centenary – Unbroken Service Of The Benedictine Fathers.
199375th Anniversary Of Jack Anderson Record. Jack Anderson Pavilion Commissioned. Drug Prevention Unit Introduced . Art Foundation Introduced. Reintroduction Of Sinhala Cultural Show.
1994Rev. Fr. Stephen Abraham O.S.B. Retires After 16 Years Of Service. Fr. D. Hilarion Fernando O.S.B. Principal.
1995O.S.B. Fathers Celebrate 150th Anniversary Of Their Arrival In Sri Lanka.
1998Celebrations Of 70 Years Of College (Out Of 144 Years) At Katugastota.
1999Air Cushioned Parquet Floor For The Gymnasium.
2000Completion Of 3rd Stage Of Gymnasium. Inauguration Of 5 Year Preparation For 150th Anniversary In 2004 With Millennium Walk And Cultural Show. – Felicitation Of M. Muralitharan For His World Record Of 7 For 30 In Limited Over Cricket; Over 300 Wickets In Test Cricket In 10 Years Of Test Cricket.
2001Completion Of Elkaduwa Block In Upper School. – Oba – Colombo Branch Celebrates Her 75th Anniversary.
2002New Five Class Room Block And Computer Lab At Primary.
200375 Years At Katugastota – Celebrations & Walk.
2004Sesquicentennial Celebrations (Jubilee Blocks; Ground Extension; New Scout Den; New Basketball Court; Archives) Excellence Awards And Staff Honors Day. President Kumaratunga At Prize Giving.