Celebrating 119 years of excellence for 2024

La Salian brothers first arrived in Ceylon back in 1866 disembarking at Galle while on their homeward journey to France from Mangalore (India) and they later visited Colombo.

In 1876, they went on to assume administration of St. Benedict’s College. In 1904 a German and a La Sallian Bro. Junianus Edward who arrived on the Island was appointed as Director of De La Salle Brothers’ Mother House in Mutwal, Colombo and on 1st February 1905 he established the De La Salle College in the same premises and went to become School’s first Director (1905-1925).

Going by their founder John Baptist De Sale, universal patron saint of educators’ vision, Lasalians aspires to provide students with an environment which actively encourages all members to strive to achieve personal excellence through a challenging, comprehensive curriculum and a variety of teaching styles.