By – Rev. Bro. Marcus Felix , f.s.c., b.a.

Music by – S. Norbert Rodrigo, a.v.c.m.

1) La Sallians, all let then arise
To rally round our colours true
And greet in keen and loyal wise
The virile red, the gentle blue


Let’s stand united, children all,
Come weal, come woe, our way
And hark to duty’s clarion call
Throughout the livelong day.

2) With St. La Salle, for friend and guide,
Let’s all drink deep at wisdom’s spring.
To virtue’s path with certain stride,
For Christ’s pure love to learn to cling.

3) La Sallians youth, remember pray,
‘Tis now you must prepare to stand.
With steadfast will in life’s grim fray,
Yea true to God and fatherland.

he College Song The ‘LaSallian Anthem’ was first introduced in the Silver Jubilee Magazine of the College in 1930. The lyrics of the College anthem were written by Rev.Bro.Marcus Felix FSC B.A. It was Mr. S.Norbert Rodrigo A.V.C.M. who composed the air/melody of it and arranged it with harmony. The ‘LaSallian Anthem’ is the song of aspiration of all LaSalliana. The message conveyed in the 4 stanzas calls all LaSallians to rally round the LaSallian flag. The song tells us to be loyal to our God, our church and our country with the true LaSallian characteristics of keenness, harmlessness & loyal ness and all round capabilities. It also advises us to rejoice in victory, learn to take defeat & to always stand for our Alma Mater. Click to listen & read College Song