Bridge between the College and the Old Boys

Welcome to our first edition of “LaSallians In Action” a publication we hope will come out quarter yearly. You’re probably aware that there are more publications in this LaSallian world that reach wide ranging audiences. So, why have another publication? A good question…and there’s a simple answer: to reach an audience somewhere between Lasallians in Sri Lanka… and it’s more than likely that you’re a member of that audience! And that is the focus of our first edition of “LaSallians In Action”.

LaSallians In Action, otherwise known as LIA, is made up of ex-students of De La Salle College who have been inspired by the leadership and dedication of our founder St. John Baptist De La Salle. LIA aims to spread the LaSalle Spirit in a positive way to benefit the Students, the Director, the Staff and as well as all the Old Boys, there by to support the whole family of De La Salle College.

The LaSalle Spirit is an inner spirit controlled by you to do well. The LaSalle Spirit is something that is wealthy not in money but in nature. We seek to touch the hearts of the old collegians who actively practice the LaSalle Spirit. Our future plans are to set up a network that will build a bridge between the college and the old boys.

As you are aware our dear college De La Salle will be celebrating her 100th Year of existence in the year 2005. Therefore we the LaSallians In Action have drawn up plans and strategies to ensure by the year 2005. We will be in a bright and solid standard to celebrate this occasion. Since this is a long and hard journey upwards we greatly require encouragement to achieve what all of us desire.

The litany of woes is endless, limitless, therefore we need selfless and generous leaders like you, to go forward and accept these challenges. The challenges are obvious, but it is you who will mould and shape the approaching century. If we are going to live out our lives as true LaSallians, we can unite and set goals that are meaningful, much can be done, and change can be achieved.

Remember one thing, the task ahead of us is not so enormous as the power behind us. The power behind us is our unity, our cooperation, our understanding and our good will, so please keep in mind if your mind can conceive it, if your heart can believe it, you know, you can achieve it

By getting involved, you can finally be a part of a group (Old Lasallians’ Union) that is made up of Old Collegians of De La Salle, who are committed to give their talents to the well being of Alma Mater. Come join us, let us go forward together and do our best as Loyal Old Boys !

We now realize the need to meet and to get others to join us as well to strengthen our Lasallian Spirit. The LaSalle Spirit has many different meanings and comes in many different forms. Is there really a right one..? Whatever the answer “LaSalle Spirit” is special and generation to come will continue to carry it. Are you willing to carry it…? ……….Action…. it …..!

Your response towards this may be a small step, but it is a start of a long journey. Now that our vision is crystal clear, our mission is well defined, and our aim is quite definite. All this calls for commitment, for the LaSalle Spirit.

We are inviting you to take some “time out” to read through the reflections and in someway, give you an idea of the wonderful things that happened to you during your school days. Enjoy the read and, of course, we would appreciate any feed back, questions or comments by Fax: 01-507289 or Email: [email protected]